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Profile name: abelina

Age: 32

Have photos?: Yes

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue



COUNTY OF BUCKINGHAMSHIRE/SOUTH EAST ENGLAND -  32 year old slut wants sex.....


I'm looking for a man to help me enjoy my ultimate fantasy!

First let me explain: I am in a very happy relationship and have been for years, I love my boyfriend, we have a very active sex life and try all kinds of roleplay and fantasy together, we are very open minded and understanding of each others needs. As much as we love being together we naturally have fanatasies and urges for other people and we constantly discuss our desires for others as part of our foreplay. Recently we decided to it might be good to explore our fantasies to get them out of our system and I recently let my boyfriend a threesome with me and another girl (which was the first time I had been with a girl) and we both enjoyed it very much indeed!

Well we agreed it's only fair I get to live out my fantasy which is this:

To be a hooker for a day!

My biggest fantasy roleplay on is the thought of finding an absolute stranger who is going to pay to have sex with me for an hour and make me do whatever he wants. I want to be made to feel like a dirty little slut who has to do everything I can to please, I'd like a man to treat me like the whore that I am deep down and just use me as your little fuck toy! You can take my clothes off, put your hands all over me, suck my tits, finger me and eat my wet little pussy and arsehole, I will worship your cock if you want lick it up and down and suck on your balls take it deep in my throat and then let you squirt your hot cum any where you wanton my pretty face or over my firm tits, and of course I want you to fuck me! Do it as hard as you like and pull my hair if you want, I have only had my boyfriend's cock for the last 3 years so I will probably cum as soon as your cock slides inside my tight little girls hole but that doesn't mean you have to stop, you can fuck me over and over and cum as many times as you like and hopefully I will to!

My fantasy is that You Do anything (& I do mean anything) YOU want to, to me...

If you like uniforms or clothes... I can dress up and be whatever you want like a naughty kneesocks & blazer girl for you to bend over your knee and smack my bum or a secretary or maid, I dint mind if you want to do something really naughty like piss all over me or have me piss on you, I will try anything! The only things off limits are any form of shitting (I'm not into it).

I don' care what you look like tall, short, fat, thin, old, young (18+), hung or tiny willy, the turn-on for me is that you are a stranger and I have to fuck you regardless because I just have to.

Maybe you like the idea of me wanking you off (fully dressed) as soon as you arrive.... Then we have a cup of tea, and get down to sex, once you've recovered....

If you like what you see and think I'm worth it please respond telling me a bit about you,  and (obviously) you won't really ever have to pay to have sex with me, this is just us both enjoying my sex fantasy...

Please only genuine responses, I am genuine so no timewaters,

Lots of love

Abelina x x x

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